Field deployable DNA sequencers

Since its inception in the 1990s, multiple revolutions have occurred in the field of DNA sequencing, where successive iterations of the technology enabled more reliable and less error prone sequencing of increasingly larger segments of DNA from a variety of sources such as human, bacteria, fungi, viruses etc. Indeed, DNA sequencing technology has revolutionized biology … More Field deployable DNA sequencers

Utility of co-expression analysis

In biology, researchers often seek to understand the factors that underpin a particular cellular process or diseased state. Thus, this line of thinking necessarily result in experiment design that seek to correlate molecular events with cellular processes, which could be readout experimentally, either through microscopy techniques or enzymatic biochemical assays. More generally, co-expression analysis is … More Utility of co-expression analysis

Lipid metabolism and its role in obesity and health

Obese but healthy, thin but suffering from a multitude of disorders including metabolic syndrome. For years, this clinical observation, also known as metabolic healthy obese, has befuddled doctors and medical researchers, and motivated significant amount of research aimed at understanding the aetiology of obesity and its implications in health and disease.   Why would obesity … More Lipid metabolism and its role in obesity and health

Inability to predict cancer risk through mathematical modelling

Perspective article in Science, Vol. 355, Issue 6331, pp. 1266-1267, “Genes, environment, and “bad luck”   Summary of article: Multiple papers have used mathematical modelling to simulate cancer risk profile at the population level with varying success. Specifically, attempts have been made in correlating cancer stem cell division number with cancer risk; however, can we … More Inability to predict cancer risk through mathematical modelling

Understanding Earth’s collection of viruses

Article in Nature, Vol. 536, Issue 7617, pp. 425-430, “Uncovering Earth’s virome”   Summary of article: A vector based metagenomics approach combined with bioinformatics analysis was used to uncover the subset of viruses present on human body surfaces and freshwater habitats. The study’s experiment design does not fit the grandiose nature of the paper’s title. … More Understanding Earth’s collection of viruses