Blown rubber may be ideally suited as outsole for performance running shoes

Different outsoles and thread patterns confer differing levels of grip to a running shoe and creates different running sensations. From my experience and logical deduction, small amounts of sliding when the running shoe hits the ground helps reduce impact energy and transfer of shock waves from the ground to the knee, making the running gait smoother, as well as more comfortable and energy efficient to the runner, which delivers improved performance.


For small amount of sliding to occur when the outsole of a running shoe hits the ground, blown rubber may be ideally suited for the task. Based on my personal observations, I experienced smooth and energy efficient running gait with blown rubber as the outsole material. On the other hand, high abrasion proof outsole material such as Adidas proprietary Adiwear high wear outsole tend to have lower perceptible sliding motion during impact of the running shoe with the ground. Thus, running shoes with Adiwear outsole would transfer more impact energy to the knees of the runner, which would subsequently reduce running efficiency and performance.


Hence, based on my personal experience in running, small amounts of sliding motion (not discernible to the naked eye, but audible to the ears) when the running shoes hit the ground, tend to deliver less impact force to the knee and helps deliver an energy efficient run. Such a desired state of running tends to be delivered by running shoes with blown rubber outsole. High abrasion proof outsole material such as Adidas Adiwear tend to be more suitable as outsole of walking shoes due to its high durability, but in delivering more impact energy to the feet and knee during running, is not as suitable as blown rubber outsole for high performance running shoes.


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