Having done a masters research project in environmental microbiology, where I developed a medium for high cell density cultivation of Escherichia coli in shake flasks, a colourless agar medium, and methods for improving the measurement of bacterial surface charge through the proxy parameter, zeta potential, I am currently a citizen scientist working independently on research topics. Interested in a broad range of topics spanning materials science to biology and marcoscale phenomena such as climate change, I aim to highlight important science topics of relevance to society in this blog. Drawing on my education in chemical and environmental engineering as well as bioengineering, I would discuss scientific topics of current importance and significance to a broad audience. I hope in the course of doing so, more people would be able to see the world through a scientific lens, which lends clarity to many facets of problem solving in our daily world meshed with multiple layers of information. To this end, posts on discussion of recent published journal papers would hopefully introduce readers to a new area of science, while also informing them of what is de rigueur in scientific research: there are always gaps in our understanding and that research opens up more questions than it answers. Other instances, references to news reports of exciting advances together with a short description of the underlying science would be communicated, using simple language, to blog readers. Occasionally, the educator bug in me would prompt me to discuss issues related to education, an area important to me as my goal in academia is to educate good people to benefit humanity. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and please do feel free to send me suggestions, comments or feedback on any parts of this blog as we all learn from each other in this interconnected and digitally small world. I can be contacted at Wenfa Ng (email: ngwenfa771@hotmail.com).