Explaining checkpoint inhibitors in cancer immunotherapy

Checkpoint inhibitors are one class of potent drugs currently in clinical trials for use in cancer immunotherapy approaches for cancer treatment. But, their mode of operation and underlying concept is more difficult to understand compared to other classes of immunotherapy for cancer such as chimeric antigen receptor engineered T cells (CART).   Specifically, checkpoint inhibitors … More Explaining checkpoint inhibitors in cancer immunotherapy

Autoimmune reactions of cancer immunotherapy

Harnessing the potency and specificity of the immune system in fighting cancer, cancer immunotherapy drugs have been shown, in many clinical trials, to significantly reduce the size of both liquid (i.e., blood) and solid tumours. However, relatively little is reported on the potential side effects of the treatment where antibodies release the brakes on the … More Autoimmune reactions of cancer immunotherapy

News articles introducing cancer immunotherapy

Here are a couple of news articles in the New York Times describing the basis for cancer immunotherapy and how initial trials of the treatment approach has helped patients in need for a last resort treatment as well as potential concerns such as the massive uncontrolled proliferation of immune cells brought about by the approach. … More News articles introducing cancer immunotherapy

Immunotherapy: a new approach to treating cancer

I will start off this blog with a brief note on a new direction for cancer treatment: cancer immunotherapy. Briefly, common treatments for cancer use a combination of surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy to remove or shrink a tumor. But, a key problem for cancer treatment is the recurrence of tumor formation months or years … More Immunotherapy: a new approach to treating cancer