Adidas new line of running shoes for moderate runners

Adidas Supernova Boost running shoes represent a new line of running shoes for moderate runners. Specifically, its thick layer of Boost foam marks a distinct change in design philosophy relative to older models such as Supernova Glide Boost series, which was primarily designed for high speed running.


From personal usage experience with the Supernova Boost running shoes (Figure 1), it was not designed with speed in mind. Rather, its design philosophy stems from the desire to give average runners a comfortable running experience at moderate running speed. This is in sharp contrast to the high speed running that could be derived from Adidas Supernova Glide 8 Boost, which was endowed with less Boost foam (and less weight) compared to Adidas Supernova Boost running shoes.

Adidas Supernova Boost shoes

Figure 1: Adidas Supernova Boost running shoe sports a thick foam layer that provides comfortable cushioning and support for moderate intensity runners.


Thus, amount of foam of running shoes play a critical role in determining the running experience that could be obtained. For high speed running, running shoes needs to be lightweight (and thus, its foam layer could not be too thick). On the other hand, a pair of comfortable running shoes for the average moderate intensity runner could be packed with sufficient foam to deliver firm cushioning and support during running.


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