Definition of Anthropocene

Multiple epochs define human civilisation evolution throughout the ages. But, according to scientific studies, the influence we have had on our planet has led to the definition of a new epoch in human civilisation, the Anthropocene. Specifically, given that humans have wielded significant influence on the planet, primarily through industrial revolution and the attendant evolution of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, together with revolutions in car use and agricultural practices, humans have changed the planet fundamentally such that we are controlling the environment, in addition to responding to it.


The realization that we are controlling and modulating our environment in our endeavour to build more habitable cities and township is significant, and sits centrally in our attempt to understand our role in redefining the environment we live in. For example, the use of oil and gas led to the creation of plastics, and its later incorporation into many daily use products, which have vastly reshaped human lives across the world. From plastic bags to drinks bottles, plastics use is one prime example of how we influence the environment. Together with the greenhouse gases that plastic use brought forth, we are also reshaping the natural equilibrium of our planet, positioning it at a more dangerous hinge, that could eventually move towards dangerous climate change.


Hence, through our impact on our environment that primarily manifest in the many types of modifications we made to the environment such as building of large cities and use of fossil fuels, that while generating a lot of beneficial uses, also result in the most important existential challenge of modern times, greenhouse gas induced dangerous climate change, we have entered into an epoch of human civilisation known as: Anthropocene.


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