Factors determining grasslands organismal diversity

Article in Nature, Vol. 537, Issue 7618, pp. 93, “Addition of multiple limiting resources reduces grassland diversity”

Summary of article: Number of below ground nutrients was found to positively correlate with above ground plant diversity in field experiments. In general, a paper with a confusing title, but the essence of the experiments presented speak of a verified observation in ecology: increase in nutrient levels and types of nutrients tend to favour greater biodiversity. However, there is a greater mystery in ecology not examined in the paper: what is the correlation between types and relative abundances of specific types of nutrients (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sulphur, nitrogen) on biodiversity. Given the differing response of different species to varied nutritional mix, understanding the question of how nutrition affects biodiversity at the ecosystem level in natural settings would require a consortium approach to aggregating nutritional profiling of soils together with species observation data at multiple field sites in different environmental settings.

Link to original article: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v537/n7618/full/nature19324.html

Category: Interesting scientific articles, environment,

Tags: nutrients, ecology, biodiversity, correlation,


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