Satellite imagery of clouds reveals evidence of climate change

Article in Nature, Vol. 536, Issue 7614, pp. 72-74, “Evidence for climate change in the satellite cloud record”

Summary of article: Using climate modelling specific for predicting cloudiness and satellite records of cloud cover, the reasons underlying recent decadal changes in cloud cover and movement of storm tracks was uncovered, with greenhouse gas emissions, as well as tropospheric heating and atmospheric cooling having a large impact on observational cloud dataset. The study illustrates the increasing utility of historical Earth remote sensing satellites in understanding cloud cover changes over recent decades, where observational evidence reveals significant changes in average land surface temperatures correlated with increasing human induced carbon dioxide emissions for energy generation, industry and transportation. Thus, satellite remote sensing data is a valuable resource for climate researchers to reconstruct a retrospective view of the evolution of the Earth’s cloud cover and associated land use changes for understanding the potentiators of changes, in climate and vegetation, around the world.

Link to original article:

Category: Interesting scientific articles, climate change,

Tags: satellite, remote sensing, cloud cover, climate change, vegetation, carbon dioxide emissions,


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