Mechanobiology technology feature

Feature article in Nature, Vol. 544, Issue. 7649, pp. 255-257, “A measure of molecular muscle”


Summary of article: Seeking to understand how mechanical force influence biological processes at the molecular level, mechanobiology has matured as a field since its inception about a decade ago, where pioneering experiments demonstrating the preferential migration of mammalian cells along arrays of pillars illustrate the importance of mechanical force in guiding biological decision making and movement. Since then, various approaches and technological tools, many of which utilizing fluorescent labelled molecules as reporters point to the preferential accumulation of specific mechano-sensitive molecules at cell edges prior to initiation of movement.


Link to original article:


Category: Interesting scientific articles, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology,

Tags: fluorescent reporter, mechanobiology, mammalian cells, preferential movement, force sensitive molecules,





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