Declining standard of articles in Nature’s Careers section

I am a keen reader of the front matter of Nature as well as the Careers section of the journal. However, I have noticed a precipitous drop in quality of reporting and topics discussed in the Careers section of Nature over the past year.


Specifically, issues of what scientists should avoid in their interactions with colleagues as well as sensitive topics of gender and race in science are given prominent coverage in the Careers section, while other issues such as how scientists should manage their career and how to prepare a dossier for promotion and tenure decisions are not covered. Hence, the Careers section reads more like a newspaper rather than an advisory forum in a science journal.


In general, it is important to read widely and many of the issues covered previously in Nature’s Careers section could also be found on the editorial pages of many journals such as those from American Chemical Society, American Society for Microbiology and Cell Press.


Category: science communications,

Tags: career advice, Nature,



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