Electron transfer pathways in DNA photolyases repair enzymes

Research article in Science, Vol. 354, Issue 6309, pp. 209, “Bifurcating electron-transfer pathways in DNA photolyases determine the repair quantum yield”

Summary of article: A foundational paper describing the biophysical underpinnings of electron transfer important to photolyase mediated DNA repair. DNA photolyases are repair enzymes mediating the molecular and functional repair of DNA damaged by ultraviolet light or free radicals, where single or multiple nucleotide cleavage or replacement occurs. Additionally, single and double strand breaks are also common in DNA damage. DNA photolyases belong to a light sensitive repair mechanism for DNA, and involves the light activated transfer of electrons as the repair enzyme attempts to mediate the formation of covalent bonds between new replacement nucleotide with the original DNA molecule. While the macroscopic details of the repair mechanism are broadly understood, finer details involving electron transfer such as possible formation of adducts during the repair enzyme mediated electron transfer remains to be elucidated. Hence, the determination of details concerning electron transfer in DNA photolyases would lend a lens into deeper mysteries of the repair process such as types of adducts formed and their stability, as well as mechanistic details of possible electron hops between adducts and DNA molecule.

Link to original article: http://science.sciencemag.org/content/354/6309/209

Category: Interesting scientific articles, biochemistry, molecular biology,
Tags: DNA photolyases, double strand breaks, single strand breaks, repair enzyme, electron transfer, repair mechanism,


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