Surface functionalization for improving the efficiency and stability of perovskite solar cells

Article in Science, Vol. 354, Issue, 6309, pp. 203-206, “Improving efficiency and stability of perovskite solar cells with photocurable fluoropolymers”


Summary of article: Efficiency of fluoropolymer coating on solar cells in absorbing solar photons in evaluated in this article. Perovskite solar cells, as a class of photovoltaic materials suffer from poor stability under normal operating conditions typical of silicon solar cells; thus, substantial efforts have been devoted to improving the stability of perovskite solar cells through element substitution or encapsulation. This paper brought forth an alternative approach in using fluoropolymer to shield the light absorbing perovskite material, and thereby, increasing its durability. Additionally, the fluoropolymer coating approach also opens up possibility of expanding the wavelength range accessible for capture by the integrated fluoropolymer and perovskite solar cell.


Link to original article:


Category: Interesting scientific articles, renewable energy, materials, materials engineering, chemistry, physics,

Tags: perovskite solar cell, fluoropolymer, wavelength tuning, light absorption efficiency, stability, photovoltaic materials,








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