Increasing politicized content on the front matter of Nature and Science

Nature and Science magazines are the premier general scientific journals of the world; thus, the types of articles published as well as their topic do set the trend and standard for particular research fields. Besides hardcore scientific research reported in their pages, both journals also carry news stories on the current issues in science as well as trends of note to scientists and the general public; these are usually published as articles in the front matter of both journals.


What I observed over the past year is the increasing frequencies in which politicized content such as how U.S. President Donald Trump’s travel ban would affect scientific exchanges between American and the rest of the world. Such content, while important, should generally be covered in news stories in newspapers, rather than the front matter of scientific journals, which should stay apolitical.


Besides articles which attempt to explain the effect of political movements on science, there are also more articles in the front matter of Science and Nature that seek to explain the geopolitical significance of scientific advances, especially in agricultural science and water treatment.


Personally, I think science reporting in scientific journals should focus on the science, rather than the geopolitical significance of scientific advances such as how genetically engineered crops would impact on a particular region of the world. More importantly, politicized issues such as the Donald Trump’s travel ban should not be reported.


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