Rare earth element doping for improving perovskite solar cell photovoltaic performance

Research article in Science, Vol. 354, Issue 6309, pp. 206-209, “Incorporation of rubidium cations into perovskite solar cells improves photovoltaic performance”


Summary of article: Expensive rubidium cations were used in improving the photo conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cells, but cost and scarcity of the precious metal could be major factors preventing its use. In general, perovskite solar cells incorporating rare earth elements for improving solar conversion efficiency and overall stability of the solar cells are unlikely to be marketed commercially in the near future.


Link to original article: http://science.sciencemag.org/content/early/2016/09/28/science.aah5557


Category: Interesting scientific article, renewable energy, chemistry, physics,

Tags: perovskite solar cells, rare earth elements, photo conversion efficiency, rubidium, photovoltaic performance,


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