Dual comb spectroscopy and possible applications in real-time analysis of gaseous analytes

Article in Science, “Microresonator soliton dual comb spectroscopy”, Vol. 354, Issue. 6312, pp. 600.


Summary of article: Improving on a known technique, dual comb spectroscopy, this research uses miniaturization on a chip to take the spectroscopy technique to a level useful for on chip, continuous flow analysis of gaseous analytes in a non destructive manner through normalizing an analyte spectrum with that of a reference spectrum. Possible applications of the technique could be in real-time on chip measurement of analyte concentration in systems on a chip applications such as those in microfluidics based miniaturized reactors, or analysis packages on robotic rovers to other planets.


Link to original article: http://science.sciencemag.org/content/early/2016/10/12/science.aah6516


Category: Interesting scientific articles,

Tags: microfluidics, dual comb spectroscopy, resonator, analytical chemistry, real-time, continuous flow, microreactors, gaseous analytes,








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