High cost of registration fees at scientific conferences

A short note to indicate that the registration fees for members and non-members of scientific societies at national meetings and conferences are excessively high, and may be a deterrent to young promising scientists and graduate students from attending meetings, where they could learn a lot about scientific presentations, exchange ideas and meet new colleagues in science.


Typically, registration fees should cover the cost of organizing the conference, but increasingly, there is a risk that some conferences, especially ones organized by commercial event organizing companies on behalf of national scientific organizations, could be profiteering from exorbitant registration fees at scientific conferences.


Perhaps, individual scientific societies could institute measures to cap the registration fees at scientific conferences, and perhaps offer a discount to graduate students, a body of conference participants that scientific societies should look after. This is due to their relatively poor financial conditions as graduate students, as well as to encourage them to register for the conference to gain exposure to what a scientific conference is about, in organization, and crucially, in content, even if they are not presenting a poster or an oral talk.


Category: education, science communication,

Tags: high registration fees, scientific societies, national meetings and conferences, graduate students, commercial event organizing companies,



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