Unacceptable listening and control of SMS in YouTube update on Google Play Store

A short note to highlight that there are new requests for permissions on an Android smartphone and tablet for its microphone and SMS (short message service) functions from the popular YouTube app available on Google Play Store. This is my perspective based on usage experience of my smartphone and tablet in Singapore.


Request for microphone and control of SMS functions from a video playback app such as YouTube is unacceptable. If you have updated your YouTube app on your smartphone and tablet recently, you can uninstall recent updates and continue to use your YouTube app to view videos. On the other hand, if you have a new smartphone or tablet running Android, please do not update your YouTube app until later.


In general, please carefully review the permissions requested by individual apps before pressing the “Accept” button. One way to prevent the installation of malware infected app by mistake is to look for alternative apps without requests of unacceptable permissions such as your identity, ability to view your contacts (i.e., “contacts” permission), and communication ports, in for example, a video or music playback app.


Category: communication security, Internet, computer security, information security,

Tags: YouTube, microphone, permission, short message service, malware, listening,





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